Saturday, October 19, 2019


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Sam Black In The News
Sam Black In The News
Sam Black In The News

Staying sharp with sales skills and productive with sales performance is a challenge every sales person has faced. Whether you are part of a large sales team, or an independent sales rep, or an entrepreneurial sole proprietor, it’s critical to hone skills and practice new behaviors to raise the bar on sales results!

Here at Sam Black Consulting…our goal is to help you achieve top sales results for you or your team with a highly customized approach to your challenges and sales training needs. Some of our clients achieve upwards of 40+% to 100% improvement…and the majority a minimum of 10%! Would those be good numbers for you or your team?

Do you struggle to maintain the activities needed to be successful in your market?

Does call reluctance prevent you from making the initial and follow-up calls necessary to fill your sales funnel?

Are you too accommodating and not firm enough when closing or handling objections?

Do you let a good leads slip through the cracks because you are not proactive and not managing them well?

Have you fallen into a rut…doing the same old behaviors and activities and not making any headway?

Is your “script” stale? Not producing the way it did and needs a boost?


Our customized sales training programs provide support in all of the above areas…and more!
Click to learn more about the sales training programs and tools/job aids available to you! Plus, FREE TIPS to help you with all your sales activities!

Keep it in the Black

Sam sends out emails every few weeks with some great sales tips. These tips are available upon your request and require a current email address for us to send to. Upon submitting the request form below, you will receive a PDF and a link to the tips of your choosing. Some will even come with exclusive Sam Black audio!
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Get Chapter 9 Free

Get a FREE copy of Chapter 9 How to Write Effective Scripts from Sam’s book How to Build Your Business Using the Phone…Effectively


Also earn a FREE spot at anyone of my 9 Webinars on Sales. Customer Service or Managing Sales! These are ideal for independent sales reps, sole proprietors or managers of entrepreneurial companies. (schedule posted every month and you will receive your invite for you or one employee to attend FREE!) * a $59 value!

Video Vault

Don't forget to check out Sam's Video Vault to learn about some of her best selling tips and techniques! Click here to see Sam in action!

Other Key Services

•    Script writing for inbound, outbound, sales, customer service, retention

•    Sales Therapy™ one-on-one coaching weekly, monthly or as scheduled on the phone or on ride-alongs drilling down to specific sales behaviors and challenges

•    Assessment Tools to hire new or coach existing staff in Sales, Customer Service or Supervisor positions

•    Workshop presenter at annual/quarterly/monthly sales meetings

•    Customer Service Training for retail or in-house office staff

•    Call Center Consulting and Training for inbound/outbound, sales or service