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Telemarketing Scripts

Sam Black Consulting has created 5 award-winning scripts (St. Louis Direct Marketing Association Arrow Awards)  for St. Louis clients as well as scripts for clients around the country. Writing telemarketing scripts is critical to delivering a successful telemarketing campaign for both TSRs and for management. We have created scripts for a broad variety of campaigns but also have specific expertise in mortgage telemarketing scripts, insurance telemarketing scripts, phone sales scripts, prospecting scripts for lead generation/appointment setting and cold call sales scripts.

Our approach to writing telemarketing scripts includes:

  • Monitoring and Assessment – Call observation and recommendations
  • “Focus Group” development – Team participation in brainstorming ideas
  • Script creation and review cycles
  • Testing
  • TSR script training and role playing
  • Follow-up Monitoring and creative changes as warranted

We also conduct Writing Telemarketing Scripts Workshops…see our Telemarketing Training page.

Mortgage telemarketing scripts are specifically focused on stopping the “shopping” cycle. Insurance telemarketing scripts focus on getting the appointment or completing the application. Cold call sales scripts and phone sales scripts aim to sell product to new or current customers and to increase the average sale in that call.

Scripts can be verbatim text or bullet points that act as a call guide or road map through the call, but there must be a PLAN before any call is answered or an outbound dial is made.

Effective mortgage telemarketing scripts can significantly increase the inbound conversion rate and stop callers from shopping. Effective insurance telemarketing scripts can increase agent appointments and face time with prospects as well as boost the app to close rates. Effective Cold call sales scripts and phone sales scripts can increase the conversion rate on outbound dials to sales as well as increase the total dollars per sale with strong upsell/cross sell approaches.

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