Thursday, September 19, 2019


Sam Black Consulting helps companies train their staff to deliver quality customer service to their customers. Whether in a retail face-to-face or phone situation, customers and prospects need to be treated as a welcomed Guest into the organization.

Centered around the video “The Guest” produced by Media Partners Corporation 15 years ago and still one of the top selling customer service videos in the industry, this program helps participants recognize the 5 key components of properly treating a prospect or customer who is calling or walking into their business. In addition, participants learn or refresh their skills in voice communications, listening, and handling complaints effectively.  These "soft skills" are all critical to delivering quality customer service!

This customer service training program is delivered as a 1-day program with theory, exercises, role-plays and a supporting workbook. Ideal class size is a maximum of 16 participants. (Can be delivered as ½ day with less hands-on practice).  This program can also be delivered, as primarily content and theory,  in four 60 - 75 minute Webinars:

CS 1 - The Guest and What Customers Grade us On

CS 2 - The 6 C's of Customer Service and TIPS for using our voices - Tempo, Inflection, Pitch and Speech (Enunciation, Tone)

CS 3 - Listening Skills and How to Deliver the WOW!

CS 4 - How to Handle the Irate Caller and Defining Our Complaint Handling Grid

Call Sam at 239-949-7267 for pricing depending on number of participants, and time (Full day, 1/2 day or Webinars.)

Mortgage Processor Customer Service Training

Sam Black has worked with many mortgage providers over the years to help their internal Processors and Closers, anyone with direct interface with a prospective borrower, deliver quality customer service. Since many times the borrower is handed off to a Processor, and all the remaining tasks are completed by that Processor, it is critical to hire Processors with the skills of Tact, Empathy, Focus, Conformity and Flexibility. In addition, those Mortgage Processors must possess the telephone customer service skills to deal with borrowers facing pressures, and vendors creating stalls, so that the deals are closed and funded on time and with a minimum of stress to the borrower.

Do you have Processors who are not treating prospective borrowers as welcome guests when managing their files through the mortgage process?


Do you have Processors who are not working the files proactively and managing the various vendors (title, employment verification, etc.) in a timely manner?


Do you have Processors who view borrower calls/emails as an interruption versus an opportunity to provide WOW service? Do you have Processors who don’t put themselves in their borrowers shoes or show empathy when handling a problem or complaint? Do you have a Mortgage Processing team that is getting lower scores on their customer service delivery than what you set as a goal for this year?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, we can help your team, or specific Processors, raise the bar on their performance! Call 239-949-7267 to discuss scheduling a customized Customer Service training program for your Mortgage Processor team.

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