Wednesday, June 26, 2019


Hi Sam,

I am doing well!  I have continued to book 5-9 appoints with new customers a week and have set a goal of a total of 10 appointments, and 2 demos, which I have been meeting or exceeding. I know Bill [company president] is pleased with what you have done for me.  He has said that he has never seen me with so much activity. "Since my Sales Therapy training with Sam my appointments with new clients has increased by 50%.  Sam has given me excellent tips on how to call a new prospect and set an appointment.  I am very satisfied with her coaching!”

Julie Kehlenbrink,
Account Manager
Tipton Systems

Hi Sam,  
How was your trip back to home? Did you manage to see Black Sea? I am writing to you because a couple of days ago I used entire script to obtain a meeting with a financial officer (short introduction, fact and need questions, closings, manage objections, reclosing). And guess what? I obtain the first meeting using your script. It was very easy! Thank you for scripts and tips.   Warm regards :))

Costin Olaru
Branch Manager

Citibank Europe plc, Dublin
Sucursala Romania

My company has used Sam Black’s Consulting/Sales Services to specifically increase the call activity levels for my internal-sales staff and help us develop internal processes to track and motivate towards performance goals.  Sam assisted us in identifying the correct metrics, developing acceptable goals individualized to our business, and implementing a management process to manage our individuals to the goals we have established.  As a result o f Sam’s Sales Consulting Services we have realized a 264% increase in productivity within 2 months and the trend remains in an upward thrust.  Sam’s candor and friendly personality was ensuring.  I enjoyed working with her tremendously.  I recommend Sam Black’s services to anyone that is looking for swift and decisive results on improving productivity, performance and setting structure in your organization.

Sandi Hubert
Elite IT Services, Inc.

Sam ..

Hope you are doing well. The day you left your voice mail I had Eastman Credit Union visiting with me. We were talking about training issues and similarities between our Call Centers. I mentioned to them that I had met you in Vegas at the Credit Union Call Center Conference. I told them how impressed I was with your enthusiasm and extensive background in call center and customer service. Since our training department does not teach " the soft skills", I partnered with you to customize training sessions for my staff that met our soft skill needs. Sam, your  presentation skills are excellent. You do not lecture, you keep the staff completely involved. You had them participate in roll play that was relevant to their everyday jobs.

They came back excited and ready for the challenges they face as Call Center Reps. For some it was a much needed refresher course, for others it was learning new skills. For the Call Center staff as a whole, they are now on the same page and know what is expected with each call. Thank you for looking over our call flow and making recommendations. We have implemented those recommendations. The staff fondly talks about Sam coming to train them and what a wonderful experience it was. Hopefully we can do this every couple of years !!!!

Vicky M. Denny
Manager, Call Center
Allegacy Federal Credit Union

Sam, the feedback on your Needs Based Selling Training program was outstanding!!!
The whole team was very enthusiastic about the things they took away from the program that can be used and acted upon right away.
The customization work you did to make it fit our business model was fantastic great work and I can sense the payoff already in big dividends.

Stephen Kistner
Sr. VP of Sales Training & Development
Profiles International, Inc.

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