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Sam Black's workshops were among the most popular we offered. Her presentations were practical, providing new tools to use, and inspired
everyone to get back to work - and do it better.

Jan Scott
St. Louis Women's Yellow Pages

I highly recommend Sam Black for improving your telephone skills, both in sales and customer service. I have taken her workshops and (used) the testing program, which I highly recommend.

Tessa Greenspan. CEO
Sappington International Farmers Market

August 29, 2011

We tried everything under the sun.

We outsourced the job of generating appointments for us. After working with several companies over a period of months, we proved this was not the right direction for us. We didn't have management oversight of the process. Because of the high turnover, we did not know when new callers were on our project and whether or not they were adequately trained on our program.

Thinking we were moving in the right direction, we took it to the next level. We hired a national company to hire, train, manage and house an off-site telemarketing department for us. The hiring, training and management proved sub-par, and we realized that having the right people to manage these tasks was crucial.

Nothing worked for us. And it wasn't for lack of money and time. We were committed. We knew the concept of using the telephone to reach out to our target market was exactly what we was needed in order to exponentially grow our client base. It's what kept us going.

Our experiences taught us that we needed to do this in-house and that we needed someone who had successfully done this many times before. We found the right person - along with the necessary track record and experience - to help make this happen...Sam Black.

Sam Black has been invaluable to us in building a business development team from the ground up, including the hiring, the implementation, the training and the coaching.

  - She uses an online assessment tool to help us select the best candidates from the wealth of resumes we received.
  - Once hired, she provides our callers with a thorough foundation of business development skills and training -  supported by scripting she created - to guide our callers through their tasks.
  - She provides excellent sales tips during our weekly sales meetings and gives each caller targeted coaching based on her monitoring of their calls.  They are steadily improving. Their productivity and the quality of the leads they are sourcing for us are increasing every week.
  - In addition, she helped create an excellent template/format for coaching the team. We will use this after she has completed her project with us.

We would highly recommend Sam for any project requiring the hiring, training, and coaching of an inside business development team.

Robert C Oskins ~ Vice President
Capital Solutions Bancorp

Sam set up an outbound appointment solicitation call center for us complete with all of the tracking documentation and caller training. The program produced results beyond what was promised.

Sam also did a one-day training for our salesmen to improve their phone skills in making cold calls to new business prospects. Our sales force was quite diverse ranging from those in their first or second jobs to those with 20+ years of experience. Sam had something of value for each of them. Her training was interesting and engaging. She kept everyone involved and actively participating. Everyone completed the training with new knowledge and skills that increased their ability to use to the telephone to get face to face with prospective clients.

Gerald Lieberg
Former president
Johnson Heater Corp.  St. Louis, MO

Our Direct Insurance call center had myriad problems. Acquisition rates were far above industry standards, the sales agents were unsure of themselves, we were spending $1.34 for every dollar we made, and corporate would only continue to finance this venture if we could turn it around, and do it quickly.

We decided to partner with Sam Black Consulting. Sam conducted an in-depth needs analysis, developed training, conducted train-the-trainer sessions, and provided job aids. It was the best decision we ever made. After the training, the agents were wildly successful. They had more confidence, and took on an unparalleled competitive spirit. Our Combined Operating Ratio dropped to $1.21, in less than 90 days, and continued to drop over the next year.

JoAnn Dye,
Director, Training & Development

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