Wednesday, June 26, 2019


I have been a sales manager for several years. It was not until I met Sam Black and her Motivative / Upbeat selling program that I learned how to be the right kind of sales manager. It is important to remember that each and every one of your sales representatives are individuals. They want to sell their way with their own personality.

The key is to let them, but train them to be good at it. Training is never ending - the more you train the better they get".
Thank you Sam for a well deserved lesson.

Dee Fogelbach - Plumley
Sales Director/Manager
Amcon the Eyecare Supply Center

As we grew Primary Network to become the largest regional ISP in the Midwest, we needed someone to assist with the many new sales reps required on the job. Sam Black did a terrific job of first learning about our business, and then spinning it into a winning training course for our 75 plus sales focused employees. We all learned a lot from spending classroom time with Sam...

Trey Goede
Vice President of Sales
Primary Network, Inc

Sam Black's training programs are incredibly successful. Measuring a 5 month period in 2003 against the identical 5 month period in 2002, we realized a 65% increase in sales performance for our staff of 21 inside sales reps! Sam performed an on-target needs assessment and then returned with a customized telesales training program for the reps and a coaching implementation plan for supervisors. The results have been overwhelming and rewarding for both the employees and management. We look forward to more programs in the future. Thank you Sam.

Brian Weber
Director of Sales
Interstate All Battery Center

Dear Sam,

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for introducing the Administrative team at CHRISTUS St. Catherine to the Profile's testing tool. We had the tremendous task of opening a brand new hospital and having to fill hundreds of positions in a short amount of time. The testing instrument assisted us in being able to make better informed decisions, in a short period of time. We found that the selections that were made with the assessment were on target and placed people in the appropriate positions as opposed to employees that were hired on prior to the use of the recommended assessment tool. The Profile testing assessment helped to save us many hours and dollars in the end.

Director of Business Development
Jo Ann Schwartz

Because of the talents of Chairman Sam Black, the VIP Panels of the Variety Telethon have become an important revenue stream for our charity. The training and implementation of the telemarketing on our phone bank was superior thanks to her expertise. Hundreds of disabled and disadvantaged children will receive the help they need from the funds raised on the phone bank.

Jan Albus
Executive Director
Variety Club St. Louis

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