Wednesday, June 26, 2019


Sam Black's "How to Use the Phone to Prospect For Jobs" seminar provided concrete guidelines, tried and proven methods, and valuable dos and don'ts to clients engaged in the job search process. Sam shared her expertise and talent in the area of telephone sales/marketing strategy and demonstrated how to effectively use these skills in selling oneself; preparing before the call, maintaining control of the conversation, and achieving the desired objectives.

James G. Wolf
HRMC St. Louis

We have found improvement in both quantity of sales and revenue per sale. Monthly average for Contract In(signed acceptance of offer)/Call has improved about 15% from February to March.

Jan Contract In/Calls was 13.4%
Feb Contract In/Calls was 17.2%
March Contract In/Calls was 20.2%
April run rate so far is over 25%, but will likely come down a bit.

Our revenue per deal has also improved from Feb to March by 16%.Good luck and talk to you later,

Jennifer Sokso
Sales Manager
NoteWorld, Tacoma, Washington


When Primary Network decided to hire you we felt we already had good sales reps, they just needed a little help with their cold calling. Boy were we right! After the two days of training that our reps attended 5 of our 10 reps had no problem getting eight new appointments a week and our
monthly sales numbers increased by almost 50%. Two of the reps that attended your training consistently blew their numbers out for the next six months and we promoted them both to Sales manager. You did a great job! I would recommend your services to any sales force anytime.

Amanda J. Reeves
Data Sales Specialist
XO Communications-St. Louis

We recently worked with Sam Black for the purpose of re-energizing our field sales staff of ten.  Sam listened to our concerns and expectations, tailored her presentation to meet our strategic needs as well as our budgetary limitations.  She presented a well-organized cohesive and thorough presentation in a very limited time frame.  Our sales staff left the room energized and armed with a refreshed approach to their own individual sales challenges.  Thusfar, results have been favorable and I would have no problem recommending Sam Black Consulting to any business looking for improvement in most any area related to the sales process.
Frank "Chip" Bone, Jr. CFBE
Vice President
Regulatory Compliance Services, Inc.
A Division of the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Association

I have worked with Sam for over seven years, both as a trainer and as a consultant. Our customers love working with Sam, and she consistently gets excellent feedback when she completes trainings. She is a great people person, connects well with managers, and is able to effectively communicate with them and help them effectuate positive change.

Robert D. Garber

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