Wednesday, June 26, 2019


Sam Black- trainer, script writer, and motivator extraordinaire ! Sam helped TALX pilot it's initial group of telemarketing staff and laid the groundwork for the TALX sales team exceeding it's goals by 110%. Sam crafted the TALX Work Number telesales script from scratch and was part of the team who demonstrated that our product could be successfully sold over the telephone without a face-to-face sales call in the mid-market arena.

I have always appreciated Sam's knowledge of the industry and her contagious enthusiasm in the field of telemarketing. Sam delivers results with every phone call her team initiates..

Doug Kennedy
Sales Director

I wanted to let you know what a valuable tool the Profiles on the Web Profiles assessment has been in helping us hire the most successful sales team we've had in years! The ability to test candidates and compare their profile to that of our most successful salespeople has made hiring easier and more effective. Thank you for suggesting we add this service to our interviewing process.

Kristie Jones
Sales Manager
Business Training Library

Sam's full service approach of script writing, sales training, and sales management training was a great process. Sales are up and the sales staff is happy to make more commissions using Sam's techniques.

Kris Horner
Auto Glass Plus

Sam was hired to review our existing sales training program for our retail mortgage sales unit, and to develop a new comprehensive sales program designed to train new Account Executives who are primarily trained remotely by their managers in branches located across the country. Sam did an
outstanding job in reviewing our branches and the new Account Executives and assessing their training challenges. She was able to identify key learning issues and to develop a complete training program that was readily embraced by a tough to please manager hierarchy.

One of the key findings she made was that our newer Account Executives did not have the opportunity to experience a lot of loan files when they first start. As a result, some of them were falling further behind the development curve as a result. She addressed this issue by building into
the training process a robust sample of loan file exercises that guaranteed that the Account Executive would have the ability to virtually experience up to 70 Chase files, which gave every new Account Executive the ability to become competent about the components of a successful Chase loan file. In addition, she built a multi-tiered training program that included: self paced learning exercises, manager led learning exercises, and tests that help to validate the learning at various steps.

Sam's experience and ability enable her to handle a variety of assignments. While her primary expertise is in the telemarketing area, she can add value to a variety of training and development situations. The job she did for our retail business was very comprehensive. While it contained some phone skill related parts, it was a soup to nuts training program that gives us a consistent way for branch managers located in branches across the country to provide a consistent training process utilizing tools that are easy to manage, and are highly effective.

It was difficult not to believe that Sam was not a whole team of development people, based on the amount of work that went into the project and the timeframe in which it was completed. Plus, she was able to deliver our program at a very fair price. We would not hesitate to work with Sam
again in the future.

Ervin Hall
Chase Manhattan Mortgage

As a Manager of a telesales force, I took Sam's course to find ways to help my salespeople increase their results. What I got was not only helpful, but extremely impactful! Sam is a vibrant personality and shares a wealth of experience with her workshop participants. I learned so much that I could take back to my people - not only proven tactics, but a system that I could train both novice and veteran telesalespeople with that guarantees improved results! Consequently, our sales numbers increased significantly with the technology she shared. Thank you Sam!!!

Aprille Trupiano

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