Wednesday, June 26, 2019


I wanted to extend a personal THANK YOU to you for doing such an excellent job training the Telesales Workshop to our Account Managers in September. It's been two months from the date of your workshop and we are steadily seeing about a 5-10% increase in sales and quality scores each month. It's so refreshing to monitor or walk around on the sales floor and hear them using the tools that you taught. The Account Managers have praised the workshop and have been grateful that the company chose to invest in your time and talent.

The follow-up Coaching Workshop for the managers has been an incredible asset in following up with the Account Managers. Our Coaching Sessions have been more productive and we've been much more successful in getting them to set and achieve their own goals. Overall, everyone is extremely pleased with the successful outcome. Your workshop by far has been the best that we've ever had since I've been working with the company!

On another note, I finished training 5 new Account Managers for our sales staff and they are all scoring between 75-96% on their quality scores and their sales are off the charts! Thank you so much Sam!

Heather Swanson
Interstate All Battery Center
Training Manager


In over ten years, working closely with her, I am continuously amazed with the excellence of her execution. Sam is one of those rare marketing professionals, that under promises and over delivers. Bringing her into a wide variety of situations she possesses a unique quality of ingratiating herself, her talent and in building trust for those businesses and individuals she serves.

Her skills at one-on-one sales training, her knowledge of scripting, her instinct to understand infrastructure and technology needs, puts her in the top rank of her profession.

I have introduced her into insurance situations, membership applications, home improvement ... her reports to management represent an insight probably in many cases unknown to the management of how to squeeze maximum productivity and build a work force that is happy to perform.

This is a rare talent and bringing her into virtually any business situation is an invitation to improve performance. This is a very special broad based talent, that those of us who work in the field are proud to praise.

Bill Collinger
W. W. Collinger
St. Louis, MO

Sam Black did an amazing job in increasing the organization's job of improving our customer service towards our patients as well as our referral
source customers.

The staff of the entire organization was greatly impressed with Sam's engagement with the staff, her sldll and her ability to listen. In addition, she
was fun, knowledgeable and provided useful sItills to use in the staff's everyday dealings with external as well as internal customers.

Most all of the ratings were in the highest categories. No significant negative comments were made.  Therefore, I was very pleased myself with the content, the outcomes and mostly with Sam Black. I was amazed that staff participated in a four hour session without complaining or getting bored. She took the time to assess our situation and then developed training around our specific needs. Even my sales staff, which in addition had some sales training, had great things to say about Sam. She is good about ensuring that she gives the participants something they can take away.

I would certainly use Sam in the future, for customer and sales training!

Beverly White
President & CEO
Visiting Nurse Association

It was very conductive and I liked how it allowed everyone in the group to participate, it was not just the usual people speaking.  Sam was excellent and she knew how to get her point across in a fun and professional way.  I think the Socratic Method was a good idea to talk about as well and I can see us using it.  We have already started to implement some of it.

Tommy Rockwell, Assistant Sales Manager

I thought it was awesome!  At first I thought it was going to be a lot of talking, but I was surprised to see how energetic it was. I have noticed a change in some of the Reps already, since I have started to implement some of the techniques.

Valorie Smith, Team Leader Customer Service

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