Wednesday, June 26, 2019


Sam Black’s webinar series including …

“Needs Based Selling”, “Handling Objections”, “Treating Customers and Callers as Guests”, “Features, Benefits and Closing the Sale”, “Listening Skills and the Irate Caller”, has given my loan officers a whole new skill set and a new and refreshing perspective on selling.  Since we added Sam to our team, we have had some of our best lock and closing months ever!

Kindest Regards,
Raymond J. Berger
Director of Residential Loan Origination
First Internet Bank

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Sam worked with my firm years ago as a sales coach. To this day I still try to hear her speak every chance I get. I know I'll always walk away with good advice. I refer to her list of sales and networking tips often. She's smart, quick witted and comes up with the best recommendations/responses to objections so fast your head will spin. No way you'd fall asleep during her presentations or classes.

Commercial Interior Design Firm, St. Louis

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