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Sam provided me with sales training that included familiarizing me with my ACT software and strategies for improving my sales process. I have been using the system ever since and been able to convert a number of leads in to new clients. I highly recommend Sam's services and plan to continue working with her to improve my sales technique.

Louise Pooley,
Pooley Accounting Services

Dear Sam -

Thanks so much for speaking at our Breakfast with Fran networking event last week.  You had such a great message that we all needed
to hear.  You were insightful in your comments and engaging in your presentation. Not bad for an early morning meeting!  I heard nothing but great comments about your talk.

Thanks again for speaking to the business owners.

David R. Hilgendorf

I am still in awe of your presentation and you!! In fact I was talking about you to my fellow principal in Shiloh, IL and she said it was you she had been raving to all of us about last spring after she had heard you speak at a network event in IL.

D Reid
H & R Block, St. Louis

PSI Assessments of Sales Reps:  I am writing to relate my satisfaction with the Profile Sales Indicator.  As a Sale Manager working with a small Inbound Sales team I am faced with the challenge of transitioning my team from a Service focused environment to a Sales focused approach.  My team is made up of seasoned employees who were hired to fit a Service profile.  When I was brought in to lead the team many of them related their uncomfortable feelings concerning sales activities.  I was unsure how to best identify their strengths and challenge areas.

Sam Black provided the Profile Sales Indicator as an effective tool to assist me in my assessment of the team.  The results were highly accurate and essential to creating an effective coaching strategy.  The PSI report contains insightful information on each employee, delivered in a clear and concise format.  When creating development plans for employees this type of report is key to identifying coaching strategies for effectively improving behaviors.  As everyone is aware, experienced employees represent a significant investment for any company.  Effectively assisting staff members to change and grow within their positions is key to staying current within your area of expertise.  The PSI is an excellent place to start for any team facing changes within the business environment.  The PSI would also be effective when used to identify new candidates to fill positions.  I will not hire future employees without it.

Training:  When we first met with Sam Black to discuss the particular needs of our business we were impressed with the time she took to carefully examine our situation and listen to our expectations.  We were looking for a Consultant that could provide a tailored training program that incorporated our specific products and services within a strong sales curriculum.  Other consultants had presented programs that required us to fit into a prepackaged Sales approach.  Sam Black offered something different.  She started with a detailed discussion of the challenges we faced in moving our Service personal into a Sales role, and built a personalized program for us that utilized examples taken from our everyday customer interactions.  The classes were highly successful.  Our Staff responded  well to the training and the curriculum was flexible enough to grow along with our business.  We couldn’t be happier with the services provided by Sam Black.

Mark O'Brien
Call Center Manager
AmeriFile, St. Louis

Sam Black hosted a webinar that I attended several weeks ago.  I picked up ideas that I was able to put to use in my business right away.  Sam has a way of zeroing in on what action we need to take as business owners right now. She changed the way I run my business.     Sam was also nice enough to come and speak to a monthly networking event that my company (GoSmallBiz) hosts.  She talked to our 40 attendees about  "Asking the Right Questions" of our prospects to uncover their real needs.  Extremely helpful to us all ... got rave reviews from the attendees!! Thanks Sam.  

Dave Hilgendorf,
Independent Broker

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