Wednesday, September 18, 2019


  1. Turn it OFF! or put it on vibrate as soon as you enter a 1-2-1 meeting, a presentation/workshop, a business breakfast, luncheon or dinner…and don’t forget leisure activities like a movie, concert, restaurant or theater.  NO EXCUSE!  It’s rude to forget and leave it on.  Make it a habit to check it before any of the above activities.  Don’t be that one person whose phone rings during an event.

  2. Watch your voice volume when speaking on your phone in public; a restaurant, airplane, train, bus, grocery store, pool and many other places.  Not everyone wants to hear YOUR conversation.  BE considerate!


I have to write this today.  I had a very bad sales experience this week and someone in my network told me another one yesterday.  I hope you are not doing these behaviors below, but if you are, unfortunately they will undermine your success!  And they are so easy to correct.

  1.  While actually making glass beads with an active torch/flame, an insurance salesman walked into my open door studio (I need the ventilation), stood behind my back and told me he insures a business in my business complex, and began TELLING me about the policies he can provide for me.  Without turning to him I asked him if he was actually trying to sell me something while I was making glass beads????!!!  He said YES (he obviously didn’t catch my sarcasm) and would I like to stop and see some of his information.  I emphatically, but politely, told him NO.  I could tell he was surprised I did that…but…REALLY????

    There are TWO key things he did wrong…first – interrupting me while I was working without even asking permission “is this a good time”.  Second – jumping in to immediately TELL me what he had to offer without asking a single question about my current insurance situation.  I can’t imagine he does very well with this approach!


  1. Please dress professionally
  2. Refrain from telling or sending email jokes about any topic that is ethnic, racial, religious, or sexual
  3. Refrain from inappropriate touching in the work place
  4. Refrain from inappropriate comments to or about anything about a co-worker
  5. Refrain from decorations in your work area that are ethnic, racial, religious or sexual


In a service business – whether a cruise line, an air conditioning company, a bank, a website designer…you name it…not only is it important to deliver exceptional quality service the first time, but it’s important to correct a problem quickly with empathy and a solution that meets the customer’s expectations.

We recently came back from a trip overseas on a cruise that was very fun, we had been on that cruise line before and would definitely take that cruise line again, but …there were 6 incidents during the trip where the individual(s) who handled the situation DROPPED THE BALL and lost the opportunity to make it a positive experience.

1)   We were told... 

We were told (written instructions on our boarding information) that our ship would board at one of the 3 ports in our embarkation city.  When we arrived at that port – no ship.  Called the 800 number  which was closed in the U.S. at that time…but no message about a port change.  And no email or text advising us even though they had our email and cell phone.  Finally, the first port‘s representative advised us our ship was at one of the other ports 15 minutes away.  RESOLUTION  After lodging our complaint, we were given an apology for the inconvenience and a $50 ship credit.  I mentioned to the Purser’s Desk that a simple recording when we called in would have been so easy to correct the problem:  “If you are sailing on the _____ out of ____ on Friday September 12, the port has been changed to _______.”



1.    DO wear pants or jackets with pockets - you will need them.  If you can’t, organize your purse or spiral note book so that your cards are easy to reach on one side and the cards you collect are easy to put on the other side

2.    DO bring enough cards to put into exhibitor bowls – put those cards in your left hand pocket


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