Wednesday, June 26, 2019


  1. Please dress professionally
  2. Refrain from telling or sending email jokes about any topic that is ethnic, racial, religious, or sexual
  3. Refrain from inappropriate touching in the work place
  4. Refrain from inappropriate comments to or about anything about a co-worker
  5. Refrain from decorations in your work area that are ethnic, racial, religious or sexual
  6. Refrain from GOSSIPING about co-workers
  7. Respect other's time - be on time for meetings
  8. TURN OFF YOUR PHONE …AND refrain from texting or emailing during a meeting
  9. Respect presenters/speakers in a meeting – don’t talk while the speaker is speaking
  10. Don’t MONOPOLIZE the conversation in a meeting
  11. Respect other's ideas – never criticize an idea – all ideas are good ideas
  12. Reply to emails requiring a response within 4 hours – maximum 8 hours
  13. When responding to an email question where others were copied in the distribution – use REPLY ALL
  14. When sending a blanket email to many recipients, put their email addresses in the BCC line
  15. Return Voice Messages (or email if you don’t want to speak with them) within 4 hours…max 8 hours
  16. When leaving a message, say your phone number SLOWLY at the beginning of the message… AND at the end of it
  17. If you put someone on hold to research something or locate someone – come back within a minute, max two,  to update them
  18. Use a firm but not crushing, limp or half hand handshake when meeting someone – at an appointment, networking…
  19. If you’ve just sneezed into your hand, please DON’T shake hands with that hand
  20. Address co-workers , prospects and clients on the phone and in person respectfully – not “hon”, “dear”, “babe”, “sweetie”, “dearie” or “sugar”
  21. Thank anyone who helps you – referral, favor, small task – anything!  Show you APPRECIATE them!
    BUY A MIRROR!         WATCH WHAT YOU SAY!            DON’T TOUCH!
  22. And don’t take the last piece of chocolate in the break room… or at least replace it!