Wednesday, June 26, 2019


  1. Use her (or his) name

  2. Praise her (“Sally, you probably know everyone in the company who is anyone…can you tell me/do you know…”,
    “Sally, you probably know the answer to this question…”)

  3. Ask for her help “Sally, can you help me…I’m trying to…”

  4. Ask for the NAME of the contact or decision maker FIRST before you ask to be connected “Who is the person responsible for…” NOT “May I please be connected to the person responsible for…” That gets you connected, faster than you can blink an eye, to someone you don’t know or the wrong person’s voice mail

  5. Try for two or three bits of information she may know that you then won’t have to ask your prospect (“by the way…” # of employees, # of engineers on staff, who is current courier, do they use internet, is payroll done in-house, etc.)

  6. Press 0 after you leave a voice mail and ask her for the prospect’s email (“Sally, I promised Jane on the voice message I left that I would send her the information today …do you have her email please?”)

  7. Be assertive and confident IF you know your prospect’s name Say strongly “Sally, is Jane in?”

  8. Your response to “is this a sales call” is “No, not yet…but if he wants to buy I certainly won’t stop him! – is Bob in?”

  9. Send her a card or candy if a) it’s a sale that will require a lot of calls to get the prospect’s final decision – make her your
    advocate to track him down and/or b) she truly did help you

  10. BY-PASS her if she is a barrier – don’t let a gatekeeper stop you

  11. Call AFTER hours or before hours when the gatekeeper is not in yet

  12. Press 0 and ask whoever answers to be connected to Jane – if she is senior enough, she might be in and answering her own phone. Also, sometimes a transfer looks like an internal call instead of external and may be answered more readily

Happy Prospecting!