Wednesday, June 26, 2019


  1. Plan your activities out for each week – know the number of dials you need to make to get the required number of appointments to get the number of proposals/quotes that will generate the number of sales to meet your weekly and monthly sales goals

  2. Schedule your appointment – setting dials in blocks of time – and dial into specific zip codes if possible to cluster your leads in a way to help manage your field appointment time better

  3. Block out teleprospecting times and appointment times for the month on your calendar so that you know what you are doing each day and can schedule any unplanned activities into your schedule (network contact meetings and networking events that seem interesting and worthwhile.) Allow AT LEAST 2 hours for a teleprospecting calling slot – just as it takes a car engine to warm up, it takes your voice and your momentum time to warm up. Five dials here, 7 dials there does NOT allow for effective teleprospecting and appointment-setting.

  4. Leave Monday morning free to complete database maintenance, mailings, proposals and other sales support activities. Monday morning is typically not a good time to make teleprospecting appointment calls or to have appointments unless a prospect specifically requests an appointment.

  5. Start Monday afternoon off with an appointment at 1:30 pm! Fill that time slot every week! This gets you going for the week! Come back to the office and dial for appointments from 3-5:30 pm

  6. Split calling and appointment activities on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday…call Tuesday morning – then appointments Tuesday afternoon. Make appointments for Wednesday morning – then call Wednesday afternoon. Call Thursday morning – then have appointments Thursday afternoon and Friday morning. Vary calling times so that a prospect gets a call every day of the week at every time of the week, PLUS an after- hours call, until you reach him/her or “retire” the lead for a 10 day period. They may be on vacation or experiencing a busy time. Let the lead “age” and start again!

  7. Send “Reminder” emails for your appointments the day before. Don’t call – but send just a quick “Looking forward to meeting with you tomorrow at 1:30 pm “ at the end of your day. IF they are going to cancel, they will call you. And IF they forgot about it, this will remind them.
  8. Work an area for your appointments. Stay in one zip code for a morning or afternoon or entire day if you have enough appointments to warrant it. Make your field time work for you.

  9. Cold call if appropriate and time permits between one appointment and the next. If you are in a high-rise office building, drop by some other businesses with a card, a mug/pen/post-it/candy or other promotional items with your company name and logo. Most companies and prospects won’t be available for a non scheduled appointment (and YOU may not have time before your next scheduled appointment.) But, take the card of the company, the name of your possible prospect, and record it in your database for future follow-up. A drop-by without this last step is not a valid cold call.

  10. Don’t make prospecting appointment calls while driving from one appointment to another, unless you have a specific TIMED Call Back request from a prospect or a gatekeeper has said “he will only be here from 2:00 to 2:15 on Thursday if you want him.” When you are prospecting, you must be focused on that activity to make the most of the call. You won’t be if you are distracted by driving or also thinking about the next appointment.

  11. Obtain agreed upon NEXT STEPS for you and your prospect before leaving the appointment. This entails a commitment from you to prepare a quote/proposal/summary by X date and a commitment from the prospect to respond to that document by ___ date or to meet with you for a follow-up on ___ date. NEVER leave an appointment without the prospect writing in his/her calendar the date for his/her next activity! It takes two people to make the sale!

  12. Leave enough time between appointments to make notes while they are fresh in your mind. Enter those notes after business hours in your contact database THAT day or you will get behind.

  13. Send your prospect a “Thank You” for the appointment - a handwritten note or email that evening! It only takes 3 minutes. Have preprinted personalized Thank You notes and send a brief note. Just like in the old days when we sent Thank You letters for job interviews! (Do they even DO that anymore?)

  14. Send your quote/proposal/summary on time and include in the closing a reminder for the agreed upon NEXT STEP by the prospect.

  15. Send a Reminder email one day prior to the prospect’s NEXT STEP date. It only takes 1 minute and increases their likelihood of being there and/or responding.

  16. Call the prospect on the agreed upon date and begin the NEXT STEP in your sales cycle.

  17. Use breakfast and lunch networking activities OR appointments. Round out your teleprospecting calling and appointments with coffee meetings or lunch meetings to build a network contact. OR, if you have the budget and the prospect warrants it, treat them to breakfast or lunch and make the appointment more informal.

  18. Include at least ONE network contact meeting in your weekly activities. Those contacts are your referral network and one coffee may result in 2-3 warm prospects which will be much more productive than 2 hours of teleprospecting.

  19. Research and web surf AFTER business hours. Resist the temptation to go off on a search when you could use those hours more productively in teleprospecting, appointments, networking events; or network contact meetings.

  20. Report to yourself and your manager ALL your activities for the week. Dials, appointments, proposals and sales are of course the most important, but don’t forget to report the number of cold call leads you secured, the number of network contact meetings you had, the number of referrals you secured for your warm lead list, AND the number of referrals you obtained from your customers (another Tips and Tools coming soon to an email near you.)