Monday, August 26, 2019


Phone/Voice Mail

1. Install a separate Phone and Fax line – professional image
2. Say your company name and YOUR name slowly for inbound and outbound calls
3. ALWAYS leave a number – don’t assume they have it with them!
4. Leave your number at the beginning AND end of Voicemail
5. Say your Number SLOWLY

6. Answer the question in a Voicemail reply – NOT “Call me!”
7. Use proper Hold procedures
8. Use B for Ball, M for Mother; e.g. when spelling for clarity
9. Eliminate “hon” , “dear”, “sweetie”, “buddy”
10. Turn OFF your cell phone – don’t let a second call coming in distract you


11. Phone number in your signature - ALWAYS
12. Caution on Reply ALL – you might not want all to see the response
13. Use the BCC line – don’t put everyone’s email in the TO line – protect their email addresses
14. Check spelling and grammar – this is YOUR image to your recipients
15. Include original message in reply
16. Use color in your reply to highlight your answer within body of text
17. Reduce use of CAPITALS
18. STOP Jokes and chain letters to business emails
19. Keep all content professional – don’t write anything you wouldn’t say in person to any email viewer
20. Be careful when you forward – ensure previous text is appropriate for all viewers