Thursday, September 19, 2019


Sam Black Consulting offers extensive Needs Based Selling Training programs for sales personnel in high-ticket, relationship selling environments. The sales training employs nationally recognized and proven sales concepts as a platform for building expert skills in Needs Based Selling. The focus of these sales training programs is to teach sales staff better probing techniques to uncover their prospects’ specific needs before the features and benefits of the product or service are discussed.

In addition, sales reps learn to define key characteristics of the different decision makers in a relationship selling situation and use the correct Needs Based Selling probes based on a decision maker’s profile. Finally, sales reps are trained on handling objections in sales professionally and effectively, and closing sales techniques that teach assertive, call-to-action approaches.

Research has shown that the old style of presentation selling is not as effective as the Interviewing Style. Even in presenting the concepts of handling objections in sales or closing sales techniques, the participant is trained to use a probing style that gets the prospect or customer talking more!

Sam Black Consulting designs Sales Training workshops that are specifically tailored to the client’s sales environment; with class discussion and examples, group exercises, and individual practice scenarios reflecting the real life experiences of the client’s sales force. Every participant practices drills on creating appropriate probes, handling objections in sales and closing sales techniques that work specifically for their unique selling situations. Class size is typically small to allow everyone an opportunity for hands-on practice to complete their drills, or client sales management staff is trained to be co-facilitators so that breakout groups are no larger than 3-4 participants.

Sam Black Consulting takes a global approach to incorporate Needs Based Selling into an organization’s sales culture. We help companies integrate the concepts into marketing copy for collateral materials, teleprospecting calls to set appointments, face-to-face presentations, boardroom presentations, and fulfillment letter text for any follow-up information sent to prospects.

Loan Officer Mortgage Sales Training

With a number of years managing a Citicorp Mortgage Loan Officer team, and then many more as a consultant training Loan Officer teams around the country for Chase, Wells Fargo, GMAC, First Union and others, Sam Black is ideally qualified to provide sales training for your Loan Officers. Sam is a Preferred Partner with Lenders One, a consortium of mortgage bankers, and has trained LOs to prospect better, and then to sell more effectively to borrower prospects.

Do you have inside Loan Officers who are not converting inquiries/leads at the level you forecast/need this year?


Do you have field Loan Officers who are not networking enough…or not networking with the right referral channels?


Do you have inside or field Loan Officers who drop the ball in timely follow-up to prospects who don’t apply immediately? Are they leaving “gold” on the table? Do you have inside or field Loan Officers who struggle with the “shopping” stall or miss buying signals that could move the prospect closer to an application and rate lock?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, we can help your team, or specific Loan Officers, raise the bar on their performance! Call 239-949-7267 to discuss a customized Mortgage Sales training program for your inside Loan Officer team or your field loan officer team.