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Sam Black Consulting is a sales training company that opened in Naples, Florida 2010 with an exciting center for sales training and customer service training.

Sam’s sales training consulting company has been in business for 21 years and offers training in sales techniques, focusing on the sales skills that field sales reps or inside sales reps need to be effective in closing sales every day! Sam provides sales courses in a classroom environment in the Naples office, or at a client’s site in Florida (or around the world), as well as through telephone webinars and individual selling skills training through one-on-one Sales Therapy™.Naples, Florida Training Center

Her approach to sales is through needs-based, consultative sales training to help sales reps overcome the propensity to “dump” products and features on prospects. Using needs based selling, her sales training helps create a "Selling is NOT Telling" model for participants to build prospect interest and buy-in for the product or service.

Her inside sales training workshops help reps with their telephone sales effectiveness. Sam has been delivering telesales training for over 30 years. Many sales reps are great in person, but freeze on the phone. Sam’s phone sales training gives them a solid foundation in skills needed to get more appointments, be comfortable asking for the appointment or sale, deal professionally with sales objections and be as effective on the phone as they might be in person.

Sam Black ConsultingShe also provides a wealth of sales training tips to managers and coaches of sales staff so they can continue to motivate and develop their staff after they have completed the sales training course.

Companies can sign up for sales training workshops delivered in the Naples facility, or request sales training programs for delivery at their own company. When providing sales team training Sam customizes the sales training seminars to the specific challenges that the team faces.  After an in-depth Needs Assessment, she creates curriculum with exercises and activities to help them practice before implementing in the field.

As part of an effective sales skills training program, Sam’s sales training courses also include a component of sales training coaching for the managers and supervisors of the team. Not only do the coaches build their own selling skills, but they also learn how to provide “skills drills” to help their reps struggling to implement the concepts presented in the sales training program.

Sam also provides customer service training to inside customer service reps, whether simply customer care skills or customer service sales training. Many customer service organizations are evolving into sales organizations too and now their customer service reps need training for sales. Sam is expert at creating an environment where Sales IS Service for those reps that need to learn the new skills. Since most of the customer service roles today are by phone, Sam anchors her training for sales or service with simple telephone communications skills training so that participants understand the value of good telephone communication skills.

When considering sales training companies or sales training consultants, Sam Black Consulting will deliver the results that you need for yourself or your team… from a minimum 5% improvement up to a 100% + improvement!

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