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For many small business owners and presidents, managing the sales force is one of the most time-consuming, and frustrating, tasks they face each day. Sales management requires the skills to direct the sales force and the time to invest in sales coaching.

Most owners and presidents don’t have the time to manage sales reps and their business expertise may never have included sales management or sales coaching. Yet they need someone to own that role on almost a daily basis because:

  • sales reps typically don’t manage their time well
  • sales reps often have uneven performance from month to month
  • sales reps burn through good, sometimes expensive, leads


If a company experiences any of the above situations, it is ready for the interim step between the owner managing the sales force OR hiring a Sales Manager to manage them. Hiring a Sales Manager requires having a team large enough to justify the salary and the revenue to support that new salary. Until a company meets those two criteria, Sam Black Consulting is the ideal alternative.

I have extensive experience managing sales reps. My responsibilities have included evaluating appointment setting skills, conducting ride-alongs and sales observations, providing post sales call sales coaching AND designing the follow-up activities that increase closed sales.

I provide the following services to relieve owners or presidents of these sales management tasks and free up their valuable time to spend on strategic growth issues and actions! I can provide sales management and sales coaching on-site but also very easily remotely via conference calls and review of recorded teleprospecting calls. Ride-along activities for remote clients typically require one on-site visit per month.

Sales Management Services

- Utilize assessment tools to identify sales training and sales coaching needs of current staff and to hire better new sales reps. As Jim Collins states in Good to Great, successful executives “first got the right people on the bus (and the wrong people off the bus) and then figured out where to drive it”!

- Conduct weekly sales meetings that review last week’s numbers, discuss this week’s game plan and cover a new key sales skill training topic

- Monitor appointment-setting calls and coach on appointment skills

- OR Observe retail sales interactions

- Conduct ride-alongs on field sales calls and debrief with sales coaching tips

- Collect and tabulate end-of-week sales rep productivity reports via fax or e-mail

- Create a summary sales activity report for the owner or president with sales pipeline estimates to help the owner manage the business

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