Wednesday, September 18, 2019


Sam Black Consulting helps organizations map the myriad of tasks required to implement the sales or customer service call handling process, and evaluates that process to uncover opportunities for more efficient processing and productivity.

In many cases, a process has “evolved” and is implemented because “that’s the way we always do it.” However, the current process may be inefficient, redundant, and less than optimal from a sales and/or service perspective. A detailed, IMPARTIAL, analysis of that process is required to reorient it and make it as cost effective and productive as possible.

Instructional Design

Sam Black Consulting has helped companies write new training programs or revamp existing programs that need new materials and a fresh perspective.

Many companies do not have the staff expertise in instructional design for adult learning. Other companies have in-house expertise, but those individuals do not have the time to devote to a major new project or training curriculum rewrite. Sam Black Consulting provides that expertise and works in conjunction with in-house management to create new programs that deliver quality training in sales, customer service, telemarketing, supervisor coaching, and process management.