Thursday, September 19, 2019


Why Invest in Customized Sales Training?

Sales Training

There are hundreds of public sales training programs available for sales personnel to attend. Typically, those sales training programs are high on presentation of theoretical and generic concepts. They have good information to present, but attendees leave with lots of theories floating around in their heads.and not necessarily any concrete examples to help them execute those theories in the field.

They are called "attendees" rather than participants, because those sales training programs are usually delivered to large groups of people with little or no participation by the attendees. Most sales personnel forget the theory within weeks and are frustrated trying to translate the concepts into skills that they can use in their own selling situations. As a result Sales managers become annoyed with the lack of improvement after investing money to train their staff, and everyone is disappointed in the results and reluctant to spend more money on sales training.

What Can Your Sales Staff Achieve with Needs Based Selling Techniques?

Higher appointment-to-prospecting ratios when cold calling

More effective, progressive contact with the sales decision makers for the duration of the long term selling cycle

Fewer unqualified prospects clogging their sales activity pipeline

Increased conversion of sales presentations and proposals into booked sales

Training Development and Delivery Services:

  • Pre-hire and post-hire assessments and testing for sales aptitude
  • Focus groups with sales and management staff
  • Fully integrated Needs Based selling programs
  • Workshop delivery with small groups of participants
  • Extensive practice of sales techniques trained
  • Manager Coaching training
  • Train-the-Trainer programs
  • Follow-up actions (weekly and monthly) to maintain the momentum of training
  • NEW, NEW, NEW On-line/on-phone training - any of the modules currently in our curriculums in 1 hour segments as well as any customized training needs

Sales Training Programs

Why should sales reps learn Needs Based selling skills?

  1. Most sales reps talk too much! They feel comfortable with the information they know, which is the product or service information, and they have the bad habit of relying on "product dump" to win the sale!
  2. Most purchasers of large ticket products or services are reluctant to buy based on features and benefits alone. They are looking for justification for their purchase. Does it solve a specific problem that needs to be solved and why is that good for the company or for their own personal needs?
  3. In the current competitive selling environment, sales training that focuses on Needs Based selling helps a sales rep differentiate his or her product/service from the competition.
  4. If sales reps use better Needs Based Selling techniques, they will have fewer incidences where they will be handling objections in sales and more opportunities to use their closing sales techniques.


Why do sales reps need better skills with Handling Objections in sales and Sales Closing Techniques?

1. When faced with an objection, many sales reps become rattled, sound defensive, repeat the objection which re-enforces the negative, and repeat information they've already discussed as a method of responding to the objections, or even worse, they "wimp out". By using Needs Based Selling techniques and handling objections in sales with a 4-step process (The 4 R's) for responding to those objections, sales reps address those objections and convert more prospects into sales.

2. Sales reps don't always have an objective in mind before they make a sales presentation. There are many closes that can be used during the course of a sale, especially one requiring multiple contacts. Therefore, they need to employ a variety of sales closing techniques across those multiple contacts. Identifying these next steps in each prospect contact and using them as tools to move a sale forward increases the sales rep's success ratio!

What's New in the Video Vault

Managing Sales Activity

NEW, NEW, NEW 1 Hour Training Modules

* The Ethics of Selling in the 21st Century - The 6 Cs

Candor, Concern, Competence, Consistency, Courtesy, Confidence

* TIPS for Using our Voices - Tempo, Inflection, Pitch, Speech

* Listening Skills - Buying Signals

* Needs Based Selling - Part I

* Needs Based Selling - Part II

* Closing Skills and Techniques

* Handling Objections Professionally...and Effectively!

* Writing an Effective Script - Part 1 30 second Intro, Voice Mail

* Writing an Effective Script - Part II - Incorporating Needs Based Selling